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Made to be GROWING Series Made to be GROWING

This week, we continue our "Made for This" series, with Pastor…

Made to be GRACIOUS Series Made to be GRACIOUS

This week kicks off our new "Made for This" series, with Pastor…

Week 23: Acts 28 - Pastor Dave Wisen Series Week 23: Acts 28 - Pastor Dave Wisen

July 2, 2017
This week Pastor Dave Wisen finishes up the…

Week 22: Acts 27 - Pastor Eric Klingel Series Week 22: Acts 27 - Pastor Eric Klingel

June 25, 2017
Acts 27
This week Pastor Eric Klingel continues…


Made for This

Becoming the follower Christ has called us to be.


Experiencing the Movement of God through the Church.

Holy Week 2017

Here are the videos and services played during our Holy Week 2017

Guest Pastor Kareem Smith

Welcome to the pulpit guest pastor Kareem Smith from HBC Cleveland Heights.

Vision Sunday 2017

Going into 2017 Pastors David and Calvin Wisen share the vision of our church going forward.

IMPACT: Joshua

This is a study through the book of Joshua, where we will experience the movement of God through the people of Israel.

Christmas 2016

"Come and Worship"

Guest Pastor Luke MacDonald

Psalm 32, on what it means to confess and repent.

Vertical Church


I Choose...


I Am: Discovering Who Jesus Said He Is


Our Living Hope

A Verse by verse study through the book of 1 Peter.

Easter 2016: Restored

Pastor Dave addresses the arguments from the skeptic about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is

Holding Steady

Viewing culture through God's word and why God's plan and design is better.

Vision Sundays 2016

Following Christmas and first weekend of the New Year.

Christmas 2015- "Everything"|What will you give?

This Christmas we focus on the gift Christ gave us: EVERYTHING. He gave it all. What are we holding back in giving back to him?

James: Living a Vertical Life

A study to kick off our 2015 fall ministry going verse by verse through the book of James.

5 Year Anniversary Service

We had the privilege of joining together with Harvest North Muskegon to celebrate our 5 year anniversary at the LC Walker Arena. November 8, 2015


This series gives snapshots of our God who is unchanging. He is "still" who he was and will always be.

The Gospel Changes Everything

6 weeks, 6 pastors, 6 moments where the Gospel Changed Everything!

Night of Worship July 26

This is a night we won't soon forget of blowing the roof off the place lifting high Jesus' name in worship!

Sex & Money

Wondering what God's Word says about Sex and Money? How can we honor the Lord in both of those areas?

The First Thing: Galatians

This is a guided study verse by verse through the book of Galatians.

Good Friday / Easter 2015

This is our Good Friday and Easter Celebration Services for 2015

Humility; It's a do-thing

This series examines what it means to be truly humble and how humility isn't a trait, it's an action that God calls us to.

Born To Die -Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Lord Change Me

Need real change in your life? Only God can do that. Trust in Jesus with all of your Life and watch Him change you.

Why God- Habakkuk

Habakkuk asked God "Why?" and God answered.

Hope Has Come- Luke

Verse by verse through Luke's Gospel.

Redemption Revealed

Jesus's death and resurrection both redeems and sanctifies us.

Special Services

Breaking from current sermon series for special one-off services.

The Gospel of Noah

This brief two week series explores the Gospel in the light of the story of Noah and the ark.

Steward: Caring for God's Money

It's all God's anyways, we are stewards of anything we own. Let's glorify God in how we steward what is already His.

Fufilled- Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013. The prophecies came true in and through the Messiah Jesus Christ.

Identity- Study in the book of Ephesians

This study in the book of Ephesians helps us find our identity in Christ Jesus, and not in worldly circumstance or stature.

Vertical Church

It's all about Jesus and giving glory to God for the sacrifice He's made for us!

Day Three- Easter 2013

This is our Easter series during the 2013 season.

Proven- Ecclesiastes

This is a study through the book of Ecclesiastes. The theme is that there is one constant amidst chaos in our lives: God's word.

I Choose Joy- Philippians

This study through the book of Philippians walks us through the source of true Joy.

He Shall Be Called- Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012. Wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

5G- 5 marks of a true disciple

This series outlines 5 marks of a true disciple of Jesus Christ: Grateful, generous, gracious, glorifying, and growing.

Clearly Changed- Lifting the fog of selfishness

A series on putting off selfishness, unrighteousness, and putting on humility and righteousness.

Faith under Fire- Daniel

Faith under fire is a series out of the book of Daniel that focuses on how to stand for God in life's toughest of circumstances.

Tearing Down Strongholds

Tearing down strongholds is a practical series on the power of the Holy Spirit in defeating sin in our lives.

Mark's Gospel

This is a study through the book of Mark.