Biblical Soul Care

Need Biblical Soul Care: Click Here to download the Biblical Soul Care Application

We believe that God’s Word is alive and active, and able to get to the heart of man’s problems (Hebrews 4:12). We also believe that the application of God’s Word is life changing and that it provides us everything we need to handle life and to walk in a godly manner (2 Peter 3:1). So here at Harvest Bible Chapel we are serious about biblical soul care – coming alongside hurting members of our flock and seeking God’s will for their life through the study of His Word. We all are in need of help from time to time and the church is a great place to find wisdom, truth and discipleship.

Long-term spiritual growth happens in community – through teaching, accountability, increased vertical focus and worship, and application of the Word God is changing lives on a daily basis. He is working in and through the local church and we are here to serve our family first and foremost at Harvest Bible Chapel Spring Lake.

We believe that regular attendance, participation in a small group and committed service of the body in one of our many ministries is part of growing in Christ. Involvement and service is not only the natural desire of a growing child of Christ, but it is also a way to fight isolation (Proverbs 18:1). The scriptures instruct us to be in regular fellowship and devoted to one another (Hebrews 3:12-24; 10:24-25). Therefore it is our desire that those seeking help are regular attenders who are faithfully plugged into a small group.

If you are interested in biblical soul care and are a regular attender who is in a small group, please contact Pastor Dan Turner ( for the appropriate forms to begin the process. In addition to the biblical soul care application, you will be asked to invite an advocate to the meeting. This is a friend who will walk alongside you through the process, encourage you, pray for you, discuss the help with you and seek to hold you accountable. (Your small group leader is a good choice.) Though ultimate accountability is vertical (to God), having an advocate in the room has proven to be a powerful tool for growth and change. If you do not have an advocate, the church will seek to provide you with one.

In addition to biblical soul care, we also occasionally run Redemption groups, which are group studies dealing with various addictions and struggles. These groups are run as the need arises. Please watch the announcement screen in the main service for Redemption group information.