The Gospel Changes Everything

And It's changing me...... 

In this series we are hearing from 6 pastors, for 6 weeks, with 6 stories of how the Gospel changed EVERYTHING in their lives.  These are stories where God's Word spoke so clear and loud that they couldn't do anything else except respond and submit to what it says. Guess what? We know that we aren't the only ones with a story like this. Do you have a story of how the Gospel changed everything for you? We'd love to read about it! In fact, we want to put together an anthology of our church in how God has worked powerfully and the Gospel changed everything in your life.  It's our hope that at the end of this series we can hand out a book of stories just like ours, but from you! 

Ground Rules: 

With anything, there's always fine print. Here are a few things you need to know going into the submission of your story. 

1.) We (Harvest Bible Chapel Spring Lake) reserve the right to use or not use your story in our anthology.  By submitting your story below, you are agreeing to this standard. 

2.) We reserve the right to make edits as needed that won't take away from your story but may fix grammatical nuances and/or make your story more concise. 

3.) We may contact you regarding your story either to clarify questionable points or to pursue using your story in a God @ Work video. 

4.) In submitting your story, know that whatever you submit, if chosen for the anthology, will be made public in this work

5.) We will choose the stories that emphasize the Lord's work, and not the accomplishments of man. Please format your story so that God is the focus, the Gospel is what changed you, and Jesus is the Hero.  

6.) You are limited to 500 words or less (i.e. approx. one page single spaced size 12 font) . Submissions will only be made online through this form. 

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