Small Groups

Joining a Small Group is the best way to get connected at Harvest. As a small group member, you will have an opportunity to use your gifts to minister to other people. Your needs will also be met by other group members as the group does life together.  Small Groups revolve around large group discussion and a break-out time where men gather with men and women gather with women for prayer and accountability.

Small Groups have begun and are growing! Currently we have small groups meeting on the following afternoon/evenings:

  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Sundays

To get involved with Harvest Small Groups, contact Phil Bacalia at 

Small group leaders: Login to the small group In-Fellowship portal CLICK HERE


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of the church to join a small group? Church membership is not required in order to join a small group, however, when applying for church membership, participation in a small group is strongly encouraged.

How many people are in a small group? Most small groups consist of 14 to 20 individuals.

Where do small groups meet? Small groups are currently meeting at both HBCSL campuses, and in homes throughout Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon, and Norton Shores.

When do small groups meet? We currently have small groups meeting on Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Evening, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening, and Saturday after service.

How often do small groups meet? Most small groups meet three times per month from September to May.

Are there separate small groups for men and women? Generally, there are not, although we do offer women’s small groups as part of our Women’s Monday Night Bible Study Ministry. We value diversity with unity, and our accountability “split-time” gives the opportunity for men to connect with men and women to connect with other women. Therefore, each small group meeting includes both a large group gathering as well as a break out time so that all of these values are accomplished.

Can I bring my child to small group? No. We kindly discourage the attendance of children in our small groups not only because of the distraction for the participants but largely because of the distraction for the parents. This means that parents are responsible for arranging childcare during small group. This can include hiring a babysitter, swapping childcare with someone who meets with their group on a different night, or coordinating with other members of your group to arrange a mutual babysitter.

How are small groups selected? While there is no formula for assigning people to a group, various factors include: group size, availability, location, stage of life, and the overall dynamic of the group.

What will small groups be studying? Groups will study sermon curriculum provided by the teaching pastor each week, or they will participate in a book study based on biblically applicable topics. Small group leaders are allowed to select their groups’ material after pre-approved by the church. Occasionally, all groups are asked to study the same material as it relates to a church-wide resource.

What’s the difference between a Small Group and a Bible Study? The major difference is application and accountability. In small group, you will be encouraged to apply God’s word to your life and will be held accountable by others in your group.

What does a small group meeting look like? Each meeting is structured for approx. two hours. This time typically looks like: 15 minutes of opening time to reconnect, 30 minutes of study time that centers around group discussion and life application, 60 minutes of mutual ministry “split-time” for men-with-men and women-with-women accountability and prayer, and 15 minutes of wrap up.